Americana Forgotten - Unbuilt By Time - Forgotten Dreams e-books
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Americana Forgotten - Unbuilt By Time - Forgotten Dreams e-books

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Due to the COVID-19 caution everyone is taking right now staying inside, I know many are pacing back and forth saying "what will I do with all of this time spent inside?" Well, #1 should be to not panic, and #2 could be to enjoy these free books.

I've decided to make 3 of my books completely free as e-books to be downloaded to give anyone inside something to occupy some of this time being spent inside. Download this set of 3 e-books and spend some time looking through photos, learning about the history of these places featured in these 3 books. With this download, you will get 3 of my books including Americana Forgotten, Unbuilt By Time and Forgotten Dreams. Enjoy them on your phone, tablet, computer, whatever.

It's a difficult time for many right now, as many restaurant and bar workers are without a job, and with bills to pay. This is affecting artists as well. Musicians, painters, photographers and others are out of work, losing a lot of money. Venues are closing, and musicians are unable to make money by playing (sometimes their main source of income). Painters are unable to do commissioned work for people, as some do not want any interaction with others at this time. Photographers are losing large portions of their yearly income due to weddings, family photo shoots, events and more all canceling. I am one photographer of many being hurt by this financially, so I'm seeing it first hand, though perhaps not as bad as a full-time wedding photographer is. It still kind of sucks. Still though, feel free to send me any COVID-19 memes, because some of these are great. All of That being said, I do have hardcover books for sale, and any purchase of a book is a huge help. 

So how can we help others as well?

I've added an additional option for this e-book collection to donate if you are financially able to do so. If you are not, then please do not. Just download and enjoy the books. I will be splitting any of this money donated through different artists in my local area (Cleveland and surrounding areas). I know it doesn't seem like a lot, but it's all I can currently do to help. Alternatively, if you'd like to support other artists directly, please do so. If you are an artist, please contact me! I want to try to do anything I can to help, even if it's simply just linking to a page you have with prints, shirts, etc. 

How can we help others aside from the artists?

Another option, which relates to bar and restaurant workers/owners (mostly for smaller locally owned businesses) is to buy gift cards from restaurants. You will be putting money into the business, helping it to survive and continue to hold employees at smaller local levels. After this whole thing slows down, you can then have a nice dinner with friends, family, whoever wherever you end up purchasing a gift card, or gift cards from. 

Any other suggestions on how we can help the community, please email me and I will add them here simply to share the ideas with anyone who may be reading this.

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