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Forgotten Dreams Cloth Hardcover Special Edition Book

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Forgotten Dreams (subject to name change) will be a 750-page cloth/hardcover book full of abandoned places, many including their history, among other information where applicable. I was originally aiming toward a 900-page monstrosity, but unfortunately, that is what it would have come to - a monstrosity. The spine would not have held up, and many parts would be very difficult to view/read. That is why the decision was made to go with 750 pages. This book will still weigh just under 10 pounds, so it's still a bit of a huge book. This decision had to be made so that I could still make sure that the book would not fall apart after a lot of use, in addition to still being able to use the highest quality paper for printing to provide the highest quality book I can. I'd like to make this a very special book among the titles I have released so far, and will be putting my all into every single part of this book. By the end of 2018, I will make sure every piece of the book from front to back is entirely the way it needs to be creatively. I will continue to share updates about the book as 2018 goes.

The cloth will be black, with a foil stamp, as shown in the sample (mock-up) image.

The book will contain some of the best of the best from my other books, with added photos and text that I was unable to fit into smaller books, as well as information behind some of the images that previously had none along with them in previous books. This book will also feature hundreds of pages worth of new content, which I will be capturing over 2018.

Some places featured in this book include:
The House of Wills Funeral Home

Madison Seminary

Salton Sea

Abandoned Malls

Pontiac Silverdome

Warren Steel

The Yellow Brick Road

Lincoln Way

Lake Delores

And many, many, many...many more.

I will be creating this book over the course of 2018, and it will be set to mail out in the beginning of 2019 between January-February. 

I wanted to post this as a very early pre-order to give anyone interested some cool things throughout the pre-order. The things I am offering for early pre-orders are as follows:


  • Those who order within the first 3 months (January 2018 - March 2018) will receive a special, limited edition, signed 8x10 print included within the book, and I will thank you by name on a thank you page in the very beginning of the book.

  • Those who order between April 2018 - June 2018 will receive 2 limited edition 5x7 prints, and a thank you in the beginning of the book.

  • Those who order between July 2018 - October 2018 will receive a thank you in the beginning of the book.
  • NOTE: If you wish to NOT have your name included in the thank you section, please email me here - and let me know.
Thank you so much to all who support and place such an advanced pre-order. I know it seems like a long time, and a long wait, but these pre-orders will also help greatly in the creation process.

2018 will be a year full of shooting, and putting together so many new, incredible things for this book, and I can't wait to share it with you. Much of this will be available ONLY within this book. 

All books ordered during this first printing will have the special edition cloth cover, and will be signed and numbered.

ANOTHER NOTE: This may not be the final name for the book...yes, it is possible that by the time of printing, the name will change, only because I'd like to give it the entire year as I work on completing it, right up until printing, to really come to conclusion on the name. But I wanted to get the pre-order up for now for anyone interested. Font will stay the same, but graphics around it may also change, but will stay similar.

NOTE AGAIN: Please take note that this is indeed a pre-order. If you place an order, remember that your book will not arrive until January-February of 2019. I am doing my best to make this the most incredible book I have ever created, and this will be the final title I will be completing until probably 2021 or so.

Thank you so much again to everyone who places such an early pre-order (and anyone who orders at any point in time of course)

Also, as I have been asked about payment plans offered for the book, I will get a system up and running for that very soon so that you may take advantage of that if needed.

Thank you all so much for your incredible support!

ONE MORE IMPORTANT NOTE: There will be a no-refund policy for pre-orders placed at any point in time, as there will be a copy reserved for you with your pre-order out of the amount that are printed. There will also be no refunds for payment plans. If you have paid half of the book amount, and do not complete payments, you will be able to use that amount as credit for something else on the website - just email me at if that is the case, and I can send you a voucher code to use.

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