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Ohio: More Than Just Corn 2018 Calendar

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After posting a series of photos taken in Ohio, I was asked by numerous people to create an Ohio calendar. I know I said I was not going to do any nature calendar this year, but I broke that and created this one.

This calendar shows the world that there is a true beauty in Ohio that is not talked about nearly enough. Most people around the country think that Ohio is full of corn and the only place of interest we have is Grandpa's Cheese Barn (which is incredibly delicious by the way) - but no, Ohio is so much more than that. Past the flat farms and corn fields (which can also be beautiful) we boast some of the most beautiful sunsets in the United States, and some beautiful, and varying scenery. From incredible sunsets served over Lake Erie almost every evening, to unique landscapes varying between each section of the state, to the beauty of our changing seasons (sometimes all 4 in the same week, but that's fine.) We love you, Ohio.

Below, you can see a few images that will be included within this calendar. The others will remain a surprise until yours gets delivered!

These calendars will be mailing out in November!