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Forgotten Dreams Part 1

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Over the years that I have been publishing books, Forgotten Dreams has stuck out as my largest and most in-depth book yet. This book is filled with photos and stories about abandoned and forgotten places from all over the United States. Well, not only is it about to get some added content from the United States and more, but also will be expanded to 1,000 pages of content. The difference this time, is that it will be split into 4 parts, 250 pages each.

I've decided to do this because I know that the first printing of this book was on the higher price side. The first edition printing had a cloth cover and foil stamping, was hard cover beneath the stretched cloth, and was quite an undertaking (and an expensive one) to create.

This time around, as the book will be split into 4 parts, at 250 pages each, it will be much more manageable for those who would like a book containing tons of history from tons of abandoned, forgotten or interesting places. I will be releasing one part at a time throughout 2020 leading up to part 4, which will contain 100% new content. These books will also contain information not included in the initial printing - information about some locations that I will never be sharing on the Internet or elsewhere.

The books will all be 8.5x11 inches in size, matching the size of my others, though unlike the others, they will be softcover rather than hardcover. I personally feel that this will help them stack together much better as a series.

Forgotten Dreams contains my best and favorite photos I've taken of the most incredible or interesting locations I have ever visited, shot and documented. 

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States featured include:
New York
North Carolina
West Virginia
New Mexico
and more

Some places featured in this book series will include:

The actual town of Spectre (from the film "Big Fish" - Alabama 

Coalwood West Virginia

Ghost Towns out West - Oregon, Arizona, and more

Numerous asylums 

The House of Wills Funeral Home - Ohio

Salton Sea - California

Abandoned Malls

Pontiac Silverdome - Michigan

The Yellow Brick Road - North Carolina

Lincoln Way - Pennsylvania

Lake Delores - California

And many, many, many...many more.

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