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Odd World Studio is a collective of the works of Cleveland-based photographer and artist Johnny Joo.

Johnny Joo is a 27-year-old photographer and artist based out of the Cleveland, Ohio area. Since early 2011, his work has largely grown, reaching people all around the world. Over the last 10 years, Johnny has traveled the United States, documenting some of the most paramount pieces of our dismantled urban and rural landscapes. Exploring these historic and forgotten places, Johnny was able to find inspiration through photography, alongside other visual and narrative mediums. Johnny not only shares his perspective of life forgotten, but life all around us, including the natural beauty our world has to share with us.

Johnny became interested in photography around the age of 16, after taking a black and white film class in high school.
"I had become fascinated with every aspect. My favorite piece of it all was the fact that I was capturing, and freezing a moment in time that could last forever. At the age of 16, I became drawn to abandoned structures, upon the discovery of a dilapidated farm house in Kirtland, Ohio. We would always pass the home on route to my sister’s house, and one day I decided to photograph it. It was not long from here that I was sifting through papers in an abandoned Cleveland school, reading into the past – it was interesting seeing into these past lives."

Johnny had begun documenting the history of these places, hosting a blog in 2012 to share his stories and photos. In late 2013, these collected writings and photos – along with others - would be compiled and formed into his first book, “Empty Spaces.”
In early 2014, his photographs of abandoned malls were featured via Buzzfeed, reaching a viral level across the Internet, receiving attention from local, national and international outlets. Shortly after this article, the Huffington Post featured Johnny's work, alongside his first book. Since then, his work has been shared in publications across the world.

"I've always enjoyed a wide range of photography - from nature, to abandoned and anything in between. The varying, and constantly changing subject matter helps me create whatever I'm currently feeling. Being able to share intricate thought and emotion is my favorite aspect of any and all art. I feel that out of all mediums, photography has provided me with the perfect outlet for this."
As of 2018, Johnny has completed and published four books:
Empty Spaces, Americana Forgotten, Unbuilt by Time, and Out There

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