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Ohio's Forgotten History Part 2

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"Ohio's Forgotten History - Part 2 : Abandoned Homes"

This release is part 2 of 3 in a series of books focusing on abandoned locations within the state of Ohio. Bound in hardcover, printed on the highest quality paper, filled with photos and intriguing tales; this book is one that grabs hold of you and draws you deeper into this fascinating subject. 

In this edition, the subject matter has been focused on the many abandoned homes across the state of Ohio.  In that mix you’ll find everything from charming, rustic farm homes in the countryside, to large mansions and smaller homes in suburban towns and cities. There was a point where people turned these houses into homes and filled them with cheer, spending years or decades of their lives creating priceless memories with loved ones, and living many more countless experiences; each location unique, and each filled with its own tale to tell. 

But no matter how special these places once were, they now all have one thing in common; they’ve been left behind, forgotten by most, and subject to the powerful and persistent forces of nature. They have been discarded by our society and left to exist in a world on their own. Of the myriad of reasons that these places have become disengaged with humans, there are some that are complex and tragic, and others much more simple. 

As you walk through these homes, seeing everything that was left behind to decay in upon itself, an initial reaction that a person has might be one of disgust and confusion. To question simply, how could this end up this way? How could people just move on with their lives with so much left behind? It is through these questions that their stories start to unfold. If you look just a little deeper, there is so much to be found. 

With this mindset, and with an appreciation for the natural world and its methods, it is apparent that something much deeper and beautiful is at work as well. The slow and steady effects upon these structures over time give light to their observer on the relentless nature of the forces that are at play all around us, all the time. Each of these buildings are comprised of materials that came from the world around it, and the Earth is the master reclaimer and recycler, constantly using its infinite devices to work upon them and bring their materials back into itself. 

Through the documentation of these stories, and the capturing of their beauty and decay, it becomes possible to preserve the memories of these spaces. What they were, what they became, and the often inevitable, though oddly beautiful realities of their future, either continuing to exist on this Earth, or become part of it once again as they collapse into the dirt.

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288 pages
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