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Diamond & Flare

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Solar flares visible during the diamond ring portion of the 2024 total solar eclipse. Photos taken from Northeast Ohio.

I fumbled, and got distracted because I was looking out at my yard, up at the sky, and around at everyone enjoying the eclipse, and did not get my filter back on my lens in time, so I took this and a few more bracketed images after it without my filter, while I reached through my pocket, pulled out 3 lens caps, dropped them, and the filter on the ground (thankfully in the grass), and finally was able to place my filter back on my lens while I was pretty much shaking from the literal jaw-dropping scene created by the eclipse.
Also, no matter how many times I practiced putting on and taking off that filter...when you have only seconds to do it, and are trying really hard to not mess up the shot, it's not as easy.

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