Edge of Nocturne - An Evening in Mesopotamia
Johnny Joo

Edge of Nocturne - An Evening in Mesopotamia

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'Edge of Nocturne - An Evening in Mesopotamia'

Johnny Joo, 2023
Digital Photograph

Image taken during an evening in Mesopotamia, Ohio during twilight.

Part of Johnny Joo's Edge of Nocturne series--a currently ongoing series (as of April 2024) featuring locations photographed during twilight, or the "blue hour" into the early darkness of night, or alternatively from the darkness of night into the early morning. This series explores the silence and calming atmosphere that twilight light and early night or morning bring. During these fleeting moments, the world slows its pace, wrapped in a soothing silence that deepens with the fading light. As street lamps flicker to life and homes kindle their evening glow, the lights glow softly against the encroaching dusk. During early morning, we watch them slowly fade away as the day comes to life. Even when we're not alone, we can feel peace and solitude in these moments. At times, we may even feel a strange sense of nostalgia wash over us, evoked by the sublime beauty of the dark skies and the gentle illumination of the earth below. The twilight and early night, and morning hours can be so beautiful. 

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