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Bees in My Pocket Lightroom Preset Bundle

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A collection of presets I put together to have a bit of fun with. From dark and dramatic to moody and film-like, you'll find a whole lot of different stuff in this pack. 126 Presets in all.

Instructions for using these presets:

- As with all presets, it's not always a one click and done kind of thing. Sometimes you will need to adjust the exposure on your image to really bring out the effect as it should be.

- There are very few presets to exist that work on EVERY photo, as all photos are different. Cycle through and find which one works for which photo. As with any preset pack, some simply will not work with a certain photo. That's just how it be.

- As I do with my other preset packs, you will see multiple options for the same preset. I'll explain that below:

JJ 4 - Just the preset as it was with levels adjustments already made. Sometimes these will get you closest to a one click and done kind of thing if that's what you're going for.

JJ 4 wo lvl (without levels/tone adjustments) - This gives you just the color effect of that particular preset for you to then adjust to your liking.

JJ 4+Grain - Simply the preset with grain added to emulate film stock.

Presets will work on Lightroom Classic and Lightroom Mobile.

Once your payment goes through, you will receive a download via email for the file. If you do not receive the download within 30 minutes, please email me at

Thank you!

Other examples below:

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