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Johnny Joo Lightroom Presets - Massive Collection

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A massive collection of Lightroom presets that I've created over the years, and have used to edit my photos.

Includes 726 Lightroom presets. Some examples shown below.

The entire collection includes the following Lightroom preset packs:

- Lamp Red & Purple 2022 - Emulates a red & purple type film stock

- Midwest Emo Houses - Inspired by midwest emo album art vibes. I love to use it on images of homes at night or blue hour.

- Only Color Tone 2022 - These will only tone your photos with different color toning. Perfect to apply to photos that you've already applied basic edits to.

- Rainy Moods 2022 - Soft, dark and dreamy. Perfect for rainy days.

- Soft Sauce - More soft shadows.

- Travel & Turtles - A lot of the presets I have made for my photo series while adventuring out west.

- Weddings 2021-2023 - Some of the presets I used for Weddings from 2021-2023.

- JJ 2020 - A collection of presets I created in 2020.

- 2018 Forgotten Dreams - I created many of these presets while working on my Forgotten Dreams book series.

- 2022 Johnny Joo LR Presets - A collection of my most used presets during 2022.

- Abandoned Homes Exterior  - Presets I have created while editing images from series of abandoned home exteriors.

- Autumn Candles - Presets perfect for some nice autumn vibes.




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