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Forgotten Dreams 2018 Lightroom Preset Pack

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This Lightroom preset pack includes 58 different presets with a wide range of color effects to get creative with. Easy to install, easy to use and easy to tweak for further customization.

You will have to unzip the files after download. You will see the downloaded file show up as "2018 Forgotten Dreams Lightroom Presets"

For instructions on how to install and use the presets in Lightroom, CLICK HERE

I have included 2 different folders in this download - Forgotten Dreams, and Forgotten Dreams - Flat Contrast.

The presets in the Flat Contrast folder have no (or very minimal) curves/contrast adjustments done to them. Presets in the "Flat Contrast" folder have only the color effect for each preset, because the contrast adjustments that worked for my images (the presets I included in the other folder) may not work at all for your images. 

I left the original settings that I had used on particular images in the regular "Forgotten Dreams" folder, because they might end up working great for some of your images! Just a bit of a way of inviting you into my own edits. Of course, you can delete one or the other of the two folders if you want only the flat contrast adjustments, or if you want the fully adjusted edits.

Forgotten Dreams:
58 main presets + 3 extra variations

Forgotten Dreams - Flat Contrast:
58 presets

These presets are for LIGHTROOM ONLY.

NOTE: Do not download these on your phone! You will be able to use them through Lightroom Mobile, but only after getting things situated from your computer.

CLICK HERE to view a tutorial on how to install these presets.

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