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Ohio's Forgotten History (Part 3) - PRE-ORDER - Releasing December 2020

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"Ohio's Forgotten History Part 3" - a 430-page hardcover book filled with abandoned and forgotten places across Ohio.

This is part 3 in my 3-part series of abandoned Ohio books.

Part 1 in the series explored more of Northern Ohio, so part 3 will explore more of Ohio's central to Southern areas, as well as Northern.

Hospitals, schools, churches, theaters, hotels, homes, industry, bridges, diners, malls, amusement parks and more. Ohio holds a huge collection of history that continues to fade away. Eventually all that will be left of many of these places are the photographs and memories.

Ohio has so much incredible history that has been saved, but at the same time so much history that remains throughout these abandoned places, practically forgotten. I find it sad and fascinating that these places are tossed aside like they are. Though they have been forgotten, there is such an interesting beauty inside their walls, decay and all.

The industrial powerhouses that Ohio had become home to were some of the most important in history, and so many now sit abandoned, while some have been demolished. Companies that offered so much during World War II, rusting and rotting away.

You can check out some abandoned Ohio pieces I have put together over at my blog by clicking HERE. These pieces can give you a glimpse at what you will find inside of this book.

Coffee and books go deliciously together.

For my two books releasing in 2020, I've partnered with some awesome friends over at Calico Jack Coffee to create a special blend with them. During the pre-orders of these books, you'll be able to grab one of these limited edition bags of a delicious blend of their incredible coffee with notes of smoked caramel, and of course a special photo I'll be featuring only on these bags. 

If you love coffee, or love to support other local or small businesses in Ohio, make sure to grab a book with one of these limited edition 12 oz bags of coffee. 

All coffee will be roasted within a month before pre-orders mail out, so you'll receive some of the freshest coffee around!

If you have any further questions, please feel free to email me directly at

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