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Pennsylvania's Forgotten History PRE-ORDER (Releasing April 20, 2020)

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"Pennsylvania's Forgotten History" - a 350-page hardcover book filled with abandoned and forgotten places across Pennsylvania.

Explore the history of the state of Pennsylvania in a unique way - through its abandoned and forgotten architecture, towns, factories and more.

Like my previous books in my abandoned states series, Pennsylvania has so much important history being forgotten and left behind throughout these abandoned places. However, unlike my other book, during pre-orders of this book, I'll be offering an option to purchase the book, and a limited edition bag of delicious coffee from Calico Jack Coffee.

Coffee and books go deliciously together.

I've partnered with some awesome friends over at Calico Jack Coffee during the pre-orders of this book to create a delicious blend of their incredible coffee with notes of smoked caramel. 

If you love coffee, or love to support other local or small businesses, make sure to grab a book with one of these limited edition 12 oz bags of coffee. Each bag will feature a photo that I will be releasing just for these bags. Don't make fun of my horrible coffee bag mock up image. The real bag will be a million times cooler, and I will have photos of that to share soon.

By purchasing the book with the coffee, not only will you get this awesome limited edition coffee featuring this photograph, which will be featured only on the coffee, but you will also be supporting a small business and an artist. So enjoy your book with this coffee! All coffee will be roasted within a month before the pre-orders mail out, so you'll receive some of the freshest coffee around!


This book contains photos and history of places such as:

The old Dixie's truck stop - the oldest truck stop in America, now gone forever.

The town of Centralia, which led to the stories of Silent Hill.

Brownsville Hospital, opened in 1914, now also sits crumbling into complete ruin.

Among these few places, this book contains numerous abandoned places across Pennsylvania, with their stories alongside the photographs.

abandoned trains pennsylvaniaabandoned opera house pennsylvania

You can check out some abandoned Pennsylvania pieces I have put together over at my blog by clicking HERE. These pieces can give you a small glimpse at what you will find inside of this book.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to email me directly at

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