Forgotten Dreams Part 3 E-Book
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Forgotten Dreams Part 3 E-Book

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Forgotten Dreams contains my best and favorite photos I've taken of the most incredible or interesting locations I have ever visited, shot and documented. 

For part 3 in this series, I am currently, unfortunately unable to do a physical printed copy. With the current cost of printing in the United States, printing this book would cost me just about the same as my larger hardcovers, and I would not feel okay charging such a large amount for this 250-page softcover. That being said, I have made it available here as an e-book for $5, $10 or $15 doll hairs - you choose which one you'd like to pay. Any amount chosen will of course help future creative ventures - books, videos, etc. - If you choose $10 or $15, I will be taking a large portion of that at the end of every week or two of sales, and finding a way to give back by paying it forward into the community. I want to thank everyone so much for your incredible support, and I am sorry that I have to do this as only an e-book currently. The physical copy will become a reality once I can figure something out. If you are interested, you can find all of my others books available as an e-book bundle HERE.

Forgotten Dreams Part 3 Chapter list:

1. Warren Steel
2. Gary, Indiana
3. Gary City Methodist
4. The Palace Theatre
5. Sherwood Forest
6. Route 66 Mini section
7. Two Guns, Arizona
8. Lake Dolores Waterpark
9. Picher, Oklahoma
10. Joplin Union Depot
11. Cuervo, New Mexico
12. House of Wills
13. Woodside, Utah
14. Fanny’s 50s Diner
15. Headlands House
16. East Central Terminal
17. Warner & Swasey Observatory
18. Lincoln Way
19. Neosho Falls, Kansas
20. Ashtabula School
21. The Glass Forest
22. Kinzua Bridge State Park

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States featured in the full Forgotten Dreams series include:
New York
North Carolina
West Virginia
New Mexico
and more

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